LEDA – Expressive Skills & Dramatic Arts Laboratory

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  • Teachers
    Michele Monetta, Lina Salvatore, Nicola De Matteo, and Annamaria Sapienza.
  • The LEDA Project is offered every three years and only students who graduated from the Corporeal Mime School in the previous five years are admitted.

LEDA was created to meet the need to bring together a group of young mime actors who completed the two-year course at ICRA Project’s Corporeal Mime School in order to develop an Art Theatre. The aim is to pursue and refine research on the self through the artificial and solid work on technique so as to develop physical action as a true, organic action.

Research will also focus on the audience, the social aspect of the theatre that must be part of the actor’s motivation. The aim is to choose, select and train our audience by developing a relationship between the body of the actor and the mind of the audience.

The challenge is to serve as a stimulus and impulse to the processes that lead to a cultural link and catalyst of social events through the use of different forms of expressive means such as mime, music, body art, and speech.