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In 1994, artistic directors Michele Monetta and Lina Salvatore laid the first foundations of ICRA Project in Paris during a master class on theatre pedagogy with Monika Pagneux.

The International Centre for Research on the Actor became a reality in 1999 and hosts, develops and coordinates activities on theatre, music, pedagogy of drama, and multimedia languages.
Both directors have extensive international theatre training and experience. By bringing together their training background and their wealth of national and international theatre experience and by combining different disciplines, they developed a teaching technique that integrates movement research inspired by masters such as Decroux, Feldenkrais, Lecoq, and Gurdjieff.

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Artistic Direction

International Theatre and Performing Arts Summer Workshops

A pedagogic and creative project with major European, Russian and American drama schools as well as with Italian theatre companies dedicated to artistic excellence.

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Theatre Forum – a place for meeting and discussion.
Knowledge, in the form of collective memory, as a tool for growth, change and democracy.

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Mimo e Maschera

by Michele Monetta and Giuseppe Rocca

Teoria, tecnica e pedagogia teatrale tra Mimo Corporeo e Commedia dell'Arte

Marco De Marinis
Glauco Mauri

Publishd by Dino Audino editore (Not available in English)

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